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Camp Wing Over Night Packing List

Posted Thursday, December 02, 2010 by Michael Conley

LS Varsity Basketball Weekend Overnight


            Bring items that can be layered, so if you are too hot or too cold you can adjust. We will be sleeping and eating inside however we maybe spending time outside for a range of activities, including a possibility of playing hoops on the outdoor court, so be prepared for basketball both indoors or outdoors at the camp.


The weather for the weekend is mostly clear with tempeture between a low of 20 degrees to a high of 40 degrees through out the weekend.  There is a small chance of rain Friday and Sunday.  The camp is 5 miles from the coastline so if it is windy it will be really cold, so bring appropriate layers of warmth.



What to Bring with you for the Weekend


Sleeping & Hygiene


Sheets/Blankets or Sleeping Bag (bring an extra blanket in case)

Towels and Washcloth

Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, deodorant, etc)

Medication (must inform the coaches about any and all medication)


Practice & Scrimmages

Basketball Stuff for practices and scrimmages

            Bring everything you may need, (i.e. tape, braces, extra laces for sneakers)

            Sneakers (Basketball & Running)

            Practice Uniform (Friday from Ando)


Outdoor Gear

Winter Jacket

Winter Hat & Gloves

Sweat Shirt & Pants

Warm underclothing (Under Armor like material)



Socks & underwear



Warm-up pants

$25 Cash for food

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